Snipes is a retail chain for street wear and sneakers, and, with over 190 shops, it is one of the largest chains in Europe.
For the Snipes shop at Alexander Square (“Alexanderplatz”) in Berlin, Westiform implemented an extraordinary digital signage project: A 5,000 x 3,000 mm large “curved LED wall” with a resolution of 1680 x 1080 px at a 3 mm pitch. This design provides an emotional appeal to the customer directly in the show window and entry area.

The special feature of the 15m² LED wall is the concave curve design. It was a challenge to install this free-standing construction in the existing Snipes shop design concept, but Westiform engineering solved this challenge without any problems. The wall is operated every day, around the clock and shows the latest advertisements and claims for the Snipes brand.

Also important was finding a head-turning solution for the sales points within shop windows: Using a digital window element, consisting of a single 1020 x 1440 mm and two 360 x 900 mm video screens, featured Snipes products can be displayed in a resolution of 1500 nits. The backside of this element is covered with a wf | Mira fabric light box, consisting of an illuminated display front, digitally printed with custom specific messages, which can be quickly changed in line with the current advertising campaign. The resulting graphics have an extremely life-like effect which punctuates the message at the Point of Sales.

As the general contractor, Westiform implemented the entire project. This covered the conception, planning, development, delivery, and final launch of the LED wall.