At the end of 2015 Merck launched the “Vibrant M”, which stands for the new brand image and picks up on the cultural and company change within the Group that was founded in 1668. The brand was developed in collaboration with Future Brand and is modern, innovative and changeable. The rebranding won the Transformation Europe Award for “Best Visual Identity” in the pharmaceutical sector in 2016.
Westiform was assigned the task of creating the prototypes of the identification elements for outdoor use by the VIM Group. Due to the unusual shape of the elements, there was great demand for Westiform’s development and structural expertise. The portfolio includes illuminated letters, pylons and signage elements.

The illuminated letters are made from acrylic glass that are screen printed, vacuum evaporated and mounted on an aluminium rear wall. The letters are also fitted with RGB LED modules and are either mounted on an LED panel that changes colour or on an aluminium rear wall. The impressive pylons of 3, 5 or 7 metres high are also fitted with vacuum evaporated acrylic glass letters and foils. Coloured signage elements made of aluminium steer visitors and employees on their way to the Merck business premises and indicate the different buildings.

The new innovative and development-intensive elements were first installed at three locations, including the headquarters in Darmstadt. Their diverse range of colours and shapes provides extraordinary effect from close and from afar.