Brand awareness, product presentations and customer control: You can forge new paths with digital signage. Combined with analogue visual communication or as a stand-alone digital solution.

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Create digital brand experiences with digital signage products. Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications and available with touch or non-touch options

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As a full-service provider and integrator of digital signage, Westiform offers you a comprehensive service portfolio to ensure your success.

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Digital signage encompasses the use of digital media content for/with advertising and information systems. The applications range from digital billboards and advertising to digital door signs and…

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Increase your company’s efficiency by implementing multimedia communication.

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Westiform Digital Signage

Thanks to decades of experience in the fields of signage and visual communication, Westiform possesses extensive expertise spanning different sectors. Westiform will act as your expert partner – whether you require solutions for the retail trade or the automotive industry, sectors with extensive branch networks, corporate communications or out-of-home advertising.

Our solutions

Virtual reception

With a virtual reception system, staff-intensive reception duties can be performed more efficiently, starting with the very first system. Several locations can be served using fewer resources. Working with you, we develop/design solutions tailored to your requirements/CI. We then plan and manage the technical and organisational integration. You are guaranteed smooth operations thanks to our services and support.

Audio-visual systems

Audiovisual solutions convey multimedia information. The audio supports the visual experience, which can be used for information purposes, branding, employee information, directional systems, etc. Using your brand and/or communication strategy as a base, we develop, plan and implement audiovisual systems that create excitement.

We offer you “comprehensive, worry-free packages” with operating models that include financing, service and support so that you can concentrate on the essentials.

Digital consultancy

Interactive consulting systems involve customers in the consulting process and enable decentralised experts to be brought on board as well. The customer ends up setting the parameters, which then guide in choosing the appropriate consulting expertise to access.

The systems can also be integrated into existing space concepts. During periods when no consultations are taking place, the screens automatically switch over to communicative and advertising content.

We offer you “comprehensive, worry-free packages” with operating models that include financing, service and support so that you can concentrate on the essentials / your core business.


Integrating the complexity of modern, digital content in innovative shop concepts (target-oriented) requires comprehensive know-how in the areas of shopfitting and visual and digital communication. Take advantage of the interdisciplinary expertise and vast experience of our employees in the Westiform Group.

We offer you “comprehensive, worry-free packages” with operating models that include financing, service and support so that you can concentrate on the essentials / your core business.

DooH: Digital Out Of Home

In the DooH sector, we manufacture exterior advertising surfaces with LCD or LED technology in any size you wish. We handle the design, implementation planning/approval processes, roll-out, commissioning, operation, service and support for you.

With operating and financing models tailored specifically to your requirements, we facilitate your entry into DooH or the expansion of your existing infrastructure.


Mediatecture blends architecture and digital communication. The result is architecture with dynamic communication qualities. LED components permit large-scale installations in and around buildings. The light-transmitting elements are integrated into the building and create a smart façade.

Our services

Visual messages appeal to people's emotions and arouse their curiosity. Digital signage is the quickest and most effective way of reaching people via networks of digital displays with individualised messages. The range of applications is unlimited and covers everything from automatically updated electronic billboards in all sizes to interactive terminals and the administration of large supra-regional networks. And you do not have to worry about anything, because we ensure that the concept fits and is executed smoothly. High quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities no matter what we are doing.

We find the best digital signage solutions for you.


Our digital signage products fulfil the highest standards for quality, durability and design.

Digital projecting signs

Use digital projecting signs to inform customers about specials and new products and services.


Information, entertainment, orientation, advertising. Diversify the application of your digital signage solution.

LED modules / elements

Impress, communicate or inform with animated forms featuring LED modules.

Outdoor pylon

Provide information, orientation and communication with outdoor pylons.

Touch console

Inform, entertain and interact with your customers using the touch console.




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About us

Westiform, a Swiss family enterprise, is a leading European provider of planning and realisation services in the field of visual communication. We are your partner for illuminated signage and lettering, POS and shopfitting elements, digital signage and directional systems.